About Our Company

We provide great convenience and privileges to our customers coming from Hanedan Rent A Car Airport. Free car delivery to the airport and purchase of cars can be done again. Rent a car is paid for our customer at the airport for 7 days / 24 hours and the rented car is delivered.

Hanedan Rent A Car Rent a car has many brands and models with different vehicle types, both in passenger cars and commercial vehicle categories are classified as rental vehicles, specializes in the field and provides a very professional service. You can rent a car for a long time in Trabzon and other cities.

Our Mission

Rent a Car is an institutional, developing and reliable service company that continuously develops by creating value for our company, business partners and society with its employees who meet the short and long-term needs of their customers and their service advantages in Trabzon and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become a company with the best and highest quality vehicle fleet by creating economic profitability in short and long cycle car rental sector. As a target in the car rental sector we always get the best, we never did enough. We have gained the trust of people knowing that trust is the hardest thing in the world to own. We started to rise rapidly in the auto rental industry. Our company, who knows the importance of gaining customer confidence, has been losing money without losing confidence and has always been at this level with the experience of years with the experience of you. Nowadays, every company has different needs of vehicles according to their fields of activity. Buying vehicles means finding new financial resources for companies. On behalf of Hanedan Rent a Car customers, they solve their vehicle needs very quickly in the direction of their demands.

Customer Happiness

As Hanedan Rent a Car we are working to provide the best service to you with various types of cars, from Economy to Luxury. You can check the properties and prices of the cars you can rent from our vehicles page, and you can find detailed information about car, commercial and fleet rental from the Conditions page. Hanedan rent a car Our vehicles, which are renewed every year, provide individual rentals and services to our expatriates coming from abroad with the most professional prices. The increasing number of our references and vehicle numbers reflect the quality of our company in the car rental sector. Our company, which meets the vehicle needs of companies and even individuals, meets the needs of every class vehicle.

  • Unlimited Kilometer Advantage
  • Rental Insured Vehicles
  • Unbeatable Low Prices
  • Free Car Delivery
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