Rental Terms

Driving licence and age limit for rent

Persons that are 22 years old or more and having minimum 2 (two) years old driving licence can rent a car.

Rental date

Minimum rental time is 24 hours. Customers must pay the 1/3 of one-day rental fee if delay is up to 3 hours but if delay is more than 3 hours, one-day rental fee must be paid.

Long time rental

Minimum rental time is 30 days. Fort his type of rental, discount prices are offered. You can contact us for long time rentals and fleet of vehicles.

Matters within and without rental

Prices of kilometre-free use of cars, oiling and care services are included the price. Gasoil, automobile insurance, robbery insurance, personal accident insurance, delivery to a long distance service, and baby seat are excluded the price.

Fuel / amount of gasoline

Our firm do not measurize the fuel while delivering the car if it does not want by the customer. There are fuel in our vehicles which –at least- provide you to reach the petrol stations easily. Customer can buy fuel from these stations. Likewise, the fuel do not measurize while the vehicle is getting back by our firm. No payment is made to the customer for the fuel that is current in the tank. Customers can get information about the fuel consumption of the vehicles from our personnel. With this information they can adjust their budgets.

* This application has been added to the contract with the demands of our customers, in order to prevent overspending and dissatisfaction of themselves.

Payment Choices

You can pay cash or with credit card. The rental fee should be paid when the vehicle is delivered to the customer and the last cost will be calculated when the vehicle is taken back by the firm. Hanedan Rent a Car reserves its right to demand deposit of 1000 Turkish Liras if it is considered as a necessity.

Car care and car repairment costs are not included in rental fee. When the fee is paid by credit card, the information of this payment is stored only to the end of legal time.

Customer’s secret

Your individual information do not share with third persons or other firms. These information can be shared only in legal transactions by the demand of the courts and with written demands.

Traffic Fines

The fines that are given by the individual movements of the customers must be paid by themselves. If the vehicles are taken by the legal or local offices with any reasons, the customer must also pay the fees of these times.


Hanedan Rent a Car esteems the insurance of their customers within the law or the choices of their customers as a duty. Fort his reason, it offers four types of insurances. These insurances are;

a) Insurance of Crop: Insurance is not included if the vehicle is driven under the influence of alcohol or drug or the speed limit is exceeded or no traffic report is written and the customer is % 100 faulty.

b) Robbery Insurance: If the vehicle is stolen and found in 30 days, the customer is responsible for paying the rental fee up to this date; but if it is not found in 30 days, the customer is resionsible for paying the total cost of the vehicle. But, if the customer accepts paying the daily robbery insurance fee at the beginning of the car rental, the total cost of the car is paid by the insurance company; but the customer is responsible for paying the rental fee of passing days of the vehicle which is found in 30 days.

c) Wheel, glass, headlight and mirror insurance: The problems such as wheel cleavage, headlight, signal, mirror breaks and being stolen of spare wheel is out of insurance. But if the daily insurance fee for these problems is accepted at the beginning of the car rental, customer is not responsible for making any payment for these problems.

d) Personal Accident Insurance: If the customer accepts paying the daily personal accident insurance fee at the rate described in the beginning, he/she has all the rights that is provided by the insurance. For wider information, please contact with our offices.

Customers, renting car are described as they accepted these conditions. Our firm keeps the right of changing the conditions without giving any information because of the changing technology and conditions.

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